Be the Master of the Future ∣2019尚德融合部中外新教師培訓



On August 22nd, the rising sun of the early autumn ushered in a new group of hosts at the integrated department building in Shangde Experimental School. In the next three days, under the leadership of the management team, they received 12 professional trainings on different topics. Chinese and foreign teachers from four divisions, in the course of communicating, exploring, collaborating and sharing, envision a brand new chapter that belongs to them all.


School Philosophy


The opening ceremony was kicked off with the introductory film of Shangde Experimental School. The head of the Integrated Department, Jennifer, and the foreign principal, David, warmly welcomed all new teachers. Innovations such as designing a logo that fits the Shangde mission statement and turning learner profiles into a somewhat crazy sentences renders elusive concepts easily comprehensible.




For an integrated department with four divisions, teamwork means everything. To help new comers feel more engaged and shorten the distance, two team sports events were introduced. In the excited and harmonious atmosphere, the new teachers enjoyed the spirit of teamwork for the first time.


Curriculum Introduction


An accurate understanding of the course ranks the top priority. Four coordinators from PYP, MYP, DP, and Noble Academy proudly presented the curriculum framework of their programs in detail. The new teachers were all deeply impressed by the course contents.


Curriculum Highlights


Each course has unique components, among which one that relates to all the teachers and is fancied by all students is fieldworks, such as the immersing English learning experience of PYP, Service and Action of MYP, the CAS of DP, and the CS of Noble Academy. From the active participation and heated discussion among new teachers, we can foresee their wonderful performance in the future.


TA Orientation


As a TA in PYP, assisting students’ management is the focus of their future work. Ms. Wang, the director of student behavior management in PYP, led the new assistants to walk through the process of a one-day work, shared many years of work experience, and told many helpful stories.


Lesson Design

“工欲善其事,必先利其器。” 課程理念和知識必須通過精心和專業的課堂設計,在條理清晰、邏輯嚴密和合作互動的課堂中得以實現。各部協調員呈現了成熟的單元計劃和課程計劃,讓新教師們熟悉框架並了解標准,爲未來打下了堅實的基礎。

“If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools.” Curriculum concepts and knowledge must be realized in a well-organized, logically rigorous and collaborative classroom through a careful and professional course design. The coordinators from all divisions presented a well-rounded unit plan and curriculum plan that familiarized the new teachers with the framework and the standards, laying a solid foundation for the future.


Teacher Handbook Introduction

“沒有規矩,不成方圓。” 作爲一名新員工,了解學校的管理文化,時間安排、日常教學要求和職業發展途徑是保證新工作順利進行的前提。各部負責人用生動的方法介紹了各類政策並解讀了其中蘊含的文化和用意。

Nothing can be achieved without rules and standards. As new members of staff, it is essential that they have a good knowledge of the management cultures, timetables, teaching requirements and opportunities of career development. Departmental directors introduced and explained the rules in Teacher Handbook. 


Effective Teaching & Learning

要想成功實現學生爲中心的國際課程必須要掌握兩個法寶,即教學方法ATT & 學習方法ATL。因此,四部新教師在培訓的最後環節又聚在了一起。David校長親自主講,各種實用的方法就這樣神奇地和之前的理念融合起來。

Approaches to Teaching (ATT) and Approaches to Learning (ATL) are two key elements in creating a student-centered international curriculum. Principal David introduced the application of the theories.


Training outcomes


On the last day of training program, new teachers demonstrated their exceptional academic ability and learning ability through eight-minute  lesson presentations. They wrapped up the training with a talent show, in which the varied talents displayed could be developed into personal charms in their future classes.

Children see, children do. 作爲一份有著崇高使命的職業,立德樹人是所有教師職業生涯的根基。融合部Jennifer校長送上了培訓的結束語,希望全體中外教師用正面的態度影響學生,面對工作,熱愛生活。

Children see, children do. Teaching is a noble career. To set up high moral values and educate students is the foundation of teaching. Principal Jennifer gave closing remarks, hoping that all the Chinese and foreign teachers can stay positive in face of students, work, and life. 


How lucky the new teachers are to be a part of SSES Integrated Department which is the host of the upcoming 2019 IB China Education Forumand and will be subject tothe second 5-year-review from IBO。


Comments from new teachers



——融小助教 陳佳怡

香港教育大學 碩士

I have managed to develop a rapport with my colleagues during these three days, which is itself a form of learning community.  So, by modeling what a learning community is for teachers, it will help the teachers create one for students.  Which is the correct approach.  Model the behavior you want to see first, whether for teachers or for students.

——融小英語教師 外方班主任 

Dan Rodriguez 雙碩士 

二十年教學經驗 兩年IB經驗

The new teacher orientation was very informative and interesting. In the three orientation days, I saw new teachers collaborate with each other to play games, to attend workshops and present mini lessons. We learnt school policies, and curriculum. Everyone seemed happy and became more confident after attending orientation. At the end of orientation, teachers also exhibited talent show. I thought this was a very good chance for all teachers to meet each other and get ready for new semester.

——融中數學老師歐陽波 Jack 



During the exciting three-day orientation, it was such a privilege to interact and engage with teachers from around the world. There was so much relevant, helpful information which inspired me and enhanced my teaching. Everyone involved made me feel comfortable, which was really appreciated by me and many others as some were understandably nervous.


Olga Danilchuk  



我用三個關鍵詞來形容這幾天的新教師培訓: fruitful, supportive, mutual learning。

Fruitful: 培訓讓我們更熟知學校的許多基本情況,學生這幾年的成就,教師行爲的准則,學期和課程安排,IB授課的要求與技巧。這讓我們新教師能更快更好地適應開學後的教學和學生管控工作。

Supportive: 培訓中幾位負責老師的組織安排非常非常貼心負責(早上特意送奶茶和咖啡,感動!)讓我們感受到了DP整個教師團隊的溫暖,有被寵溺的感覺。

Mutual learning: 全體新老師們來自于不同的背景,短短幾日,我們通過日常交流,說課展示和才藝表演中增進了彼此了解,相互學習,很過瘾。

——DP TOK 教師


法國圖盧茲大學  管理學博士

For me, the informative introduction session is super useful as I am completely new to IB curriculum or even high school teaching. I found the experienced teaching staff here and my peer new teachers are all very supportive and hospitable. A good way to start a new chapter of my life!

——DP Economics教師朱伊雯 






朱毓蛟 Clarence

上海戲劇學院 社會表演學碩士



楊甯甯 Nancy 

華東師範大學  理學博士